Welcome to the Iron Goat Trail Website

Welcome to the Iron Goat Trail Website

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About the Trail

Sixty miles northeast of Seattle, the trail goes along the upper and lower sections of an abandoned Great Northern Railway grade. Travel nine miles through a lovely forests of ferns, alders and evergreens from the Iron Goat Interpretive Site at Scenic to the Wellington townsite and trailhead. The trail is barrier-free from the interpretive site to Martin Creek and from Wellington to Windy Point, a total of nearly six miles.You can walk the trail today thanks to the vision of Volunteers for Outdoor Washington (VOW) and the USDA Forest Service.

Please Note

The Old Cascade Tunnel has been unsafe to hike through for some time, and in the winter of 2006/2007, the tunnel lining suffered a massive failure about 600 ft. in from the west portal. There is currently a rock and debris dam in the tunnel that completely blocks passage and forms a dam so that there is a small lake (approximately 130,000 cu. ft.) backed up behind the dam. The tunnel lining is cracked and split overhead in the vicinity of the failure. Another failure could happen at any time. The tunnel is extremely dangerous and entry is prohibited. A viewpoint has been constructed at the west end in an area that should be safe if another collapse occurs.

Current News

The 2nd edition of the Iron Goat Trail guidebook is now available online! Click here to see a PDF version of the file.

The Windy Point crossover trail has been completed!

Hikers may now enjoy a one mile hike (700 ft. elevation gain) from the Scenic trailhead to Windy Point.

Horseshoe Tunnel Extension Fund

Help VOW continue the story of the Iron Goat Trail. The Horseshoe Tunnel Extension will run three miles from the Martin Creek trailhead to the Kelley Creek Trail.

Help us complete the story of the Iron Goat Trail by making a contribution to the Horseshoe Tunnel Extension Fund!

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